Bolt Action: Imperial Japanese Army - Infantry II

Now I've not only completed, but also photographed my second squad of IJA troops, on this one I opted for not using the SMG on the NCO, and instead give him a suitable banzai expression and a bitching sword.

Other than that it's a simple squad with a LMG and the rest with rifles. The only thing I haven't added and that I think I'm going to, is some devotional banners. You get a nice little sheet with a few banners in the box (the same one as you apparently get in the ordinary infantry box) but the paper it's printed on is a little heavy and glossy for my taste so I'm planing on photocopying it onto some ordinary paper before I tag them on.
So this will have to wait until I get hold on a photocopier =)

That's that for this time around, I now have some command on the way, as well as some support. More on that in a later post.


  1. Great looking squad and as you say just the banners to finish them off.
    I like how you've done the basing.

    1. Thank you, perhaps I'll manage to take some photos when I make a batch of bases so I can make a little tutorial.
      The banners are now replicated, so soon I'll get them on the minis as well.