Bolt Action: Imperial Japanese Army - Support I

I've gotten myself a medium machine gun painted. This is actually the first metal miniatures I paint from the Bolt Action line, and I have to say that they are quite good. They are as most metal Warlord minis I've handled, a bit chunky, but they look good, and the details are good and well defined, so they take wash very well.

I did these with shirts instead of the jackets that I've done on all my plastics, and I'm rather pleased with the result, and it stands out a bit from the rest of the khaki attack force.

One thing I did do to the minis was to replace the heads you got with the gun, I don't know if they was a miscast, but the didn't look good at all, so I got some of the extra heads form the plastics, and the fitted great so no harm done.

I did use a 60mm base that I had laying around, and based the two extra crewmen on individual bases to be removed as casualties if it comes down to that. I think I'm going to use this way of basing for all my team weapons.

That that from me for today, next up is the command group for my japanese, they are done but I need to get some pictures taken, and probably get some flag action going as well.