Bolt Action: A introduction

After new years I wanted to do something that activated some of my more local players, my gaming club and all the wonderful people there are sadly almost 2 hours commute away, but in the town I live there are a few gamers as well, but the most played game is 40k and I have a very limited interest in that game right now, so I wanted to find something else, something that's easy to get going in, kind of cheap and is readily available locally.

The answer was Bolt Action.

Warlord Games makes it easy to get into with nicely packaged army boxes, you can get a long way with only a single box of infantry and the rules are quite simple but gives quite a lot to work with.

So with that I have initially got two other players involved. As I'm not that picky with what I played I gave them the first choices of forces, so we ended up with one German and one British force. I myself have not really before looked at the pacific theatre, so I was first thinking of getting me some Japanese forces, but since I already had the US army book I instead got hold of some US Marine Corps. And with that I had my first army selected.

We all firstly got hold of one infantry box set each, for the German player this ended with their excellent Pioneer box, and one box of ordinary British infantry got that part going. And for myself I picked up a USMC box.

As we stand now we are all painting up our boxes and plan on having a 4-500p battle as soon as they are complete.

For my part I have so far completed two squads, a commander and assistant as well as a sniper team. All made out of a single box. Have have the last infantry miniatures from the box in painting and they are to help me field three smaller squads, a bazooka team, sniper and commander. Totalling in somewhere right under 500p.

First up on the picture front is my lieutenant and his assistant

Then I have my sniper team

First half of the first squad

Second half

The whole first squad and sniper team

Fist half second squad

Second half

Second squad and commander

Then lastly we have them all in one picture