Bolt Action: Imperial Japanese Army - Command I

So it's time to show some of my command models I've done for my Japanese army. From the box I got a lieutenant and I made two assistants from the plastic minis. Every officer with some self respect must have a flag bearer and someone to blow their horn.
So that what I made.

I quite pleased with how they turned out and I hope they will bring many victories for the emperor

Here is first some pictures before I got hold of a flag to give my flag bearer.

And finally a shot of them all with flag and some additional riflemen that got their devotional flags at the same time.


  1. They look fantastic Ulf - I really love the animation, and the flags on the rifles look amazing adding some Japanese kamikaze-spirit and drama to the minis.

  2. Really great stuff :)

  3. Ulf these look great!!! Enjoy the games!

  4. IJA looking pretty sick good job i just placed my order for some USMC and IJA figures