Bolt Action: Test game

Last week we ran a little test game, we used my troops and ignored all army specific rules and used only Regular men.

The Japanese army consisted of
2nd lieutenant with 2 men, rifles
10 man squad, LMG and NCO with SMG
10 man squad, LMG
Medium machine gun

The USMC army was
2nd lieutenant with 1 man, SMGs
2 x 10 man squad, 2 SMGs, 2 BARs
Sniper team

We rolled up the mission and got Envelopment with the Americans attacking, so on the Japanese side the MMG and one squad was deployed and got hit with the preliminary bombardment that put some pins on them and actually killed one of the gunner for the MMG.

Japanese deployment of first squad

After the bombardment some pins was handed out and the first casualty removed

 First turn and the Americans advances with one squad and the sniper
Other than that, the IJA forces all rallied to remove pins and just stayed put to receive the attack.

The next turn saw some more advancement of the US forces into the tree line

And IJA reinforcements arrive from reserve

And so does the US, the front squad did however receive some fire from the MMG and some rifles that now had reach, gunning down a few marines and the sniper observer as well.

The marines dash forward to get to grips with their foe, getting to a stream that divided the battlefield in two. Getting some fire put on the front squad of IJA as well as a few sporadic shots on the MMG.
One shot on the MMG however was from the sniper, and a well placed bullet took out the entire team, getting some revenge for his fallen observer.

US forces follow up behind the unit already at the ford. Now that the MMG is no longer a threat

The IJA squad in the forest take some fire and a few of its members falls

But then disaster strikes the marines, and the entire font squad is gunned down, leaving the lieutenant and his runner quite exposed.

Overview of the 4th turn (I think)

The sniper once again shows what he is made of, and takes out the IJA lieutenant, leaving his runners all by themselves, not quite sure what to do any more.

Next squad moves up, gunning down quite a few Japanese as they go, and the officer takes cover behind a rock after his runner is gunned down with multiple bullets ripping though his body.

Then the marines launch a assault, trying to take out the so far untouched IJA squad in one hit.

It did however not quite go their way, and the tables is instead turned and the Japanese retreat back into the jungle after having destroyed the unit.

And here the American player gave up, as most Japanese troops are still on the table and there is only a sniper in the back field and a very scared officer cowering behind a rock.

All involved was pleased with the rules so far, there was no problem at all to keep track of the basic rules, there ain't that many to start with. As it stands now we are at least four people with armies in different state of readiness, some with the miniatures still in unopened blisters and boxes and some with paint on them.
We hope to get another game in soon, and this time use the national rules as well.

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