Black Powder: Austrian - Deutsche Jägers

I didn't make just one battalion of  Jägers, I made two when I was already working on them. This will be used as either a second battalion together with the last one, or I can divide them up and have up to three small units running around as attachments to other brigades.

This is going to represent the 8th battalion of Jägers - Deutsche Jägers, that fought as part of the 3rd column as part of II corps during Aspern-Essling where they was part of the effort to hold back the first and second break out attempt by the French cavalry and suffered quite some casualties as they was also present as Wagram but with severely reduces strength.

But really the miniatures can represent any Jäger battalion as they all looked the same.
The unit I've done in the same was as the last one with two 40x40 and two 20x40 bases.
This also makes the 20x40 bases perfect to use for instance in a game of Lassalle as they can represent the skirmish value of the units there.

With both battalions gathered I am for the moment done with the jägers, I have some grenadiers in the pipeline now


  1. Your Jägers look lovely and your flocking of the bases look realist - marvelous work!

    1. Thank you Phil, I'm going to put together a tutorial for my bases soon, so that you all can make them =)

  2. Lovely painting Ulf, really like your bases too!