Black Powder: Austrian - Line Infantry IR 20 2nd Battalion

Here I have the 2nd battalion for the 20th infantry regiment Kaunitz, this will most likely be the 3rd battalion in the regiment as soon as the next large unit is done, as we here have a normal unit of three bases. This is also the last figures in the first Victrix box I got, not bad to get four units from a single box.

But back to IR 20, when we last saw them, they fought in Teugn-Hausen and got beaten by the french, next time they are to see battle is at Eggmühl, on the second day they are positioned on the left flank of the Austrian army under the command of Feldmarschalleutnant Rosenberg as Generalmajor Bieber had been detached from the III corps to support the IV corps.

On the left flank they are supposed to keep the french on the other side of the river Grosse Laaber, but they fail to protect a crossing, and soon they have to fall back as three regiments, eight battalions of french troops cross. Together with IR38 they fall back into some woods on the north-east side of Eggmühl and there holding the line, while the rest of the Austrian army begin falling back to avoid a fight they can't win. IR20 did a sterling job of holding of superior numbers and prevented the army from losing it's way of retreat, and only after a long days fighting did they fall back and leave the french in possession of the field.

It was a hard fight but it did hold the Austrian army together as a fighting force, and while beten, it was far from destroyed.

Here we have the regiment so far, only one unit away from totally complete.


  1. Looking good! I really like what you're doing on the bases -what is the pale green grass you're using?

    1. Thank you!
      The grass I use is Army Painters Steppe Grass, works just fine and is easy to obtain. I think I'm on my 3rd pot or something like that now =)