Black Powder: French - Commanders

So, some time ago I posted the battle of Vimeiro and well, I had some new commanders painted up for just that occasion, and now it's more than time to show them off a bit.

First up I painted some mounted officers, I think these are from Victrix old metal line of miniatures that they discontinued quite some time ago. I know that they have been laying around in a box for at least 4 years, perhaps as much as 5. But anyways they got some paint on them now.

Next I have some officers on foot from the Perry twins, it's their dismounted generals and staff blister, and as always they deliver some very nice models.

They all turned out great I think, and they did the job on the table as well.


  1. Man, they look fantastic - your basing is reaching new levels, looks amazing. Where did you get those big rocks and flowers?

    1. The rocks are just from the garden, the flowers are from a a company called Silflor, I got mine from Antenocitis workshop, but I think you should be able to find them in any store that carries model train stuff. They are great however and I plan on getting some more, and even though they come in rather small packages, they last for a very long time, I've still got more than half left form 3 packages and I've used them a lot.

  2. They are beautifully done, superb work Sir.

  3. Very god looking minis! :)