Black Powder: Austrian - Waltrich Jäger

It's time to look at some of the other regiments that was present at or around Eggmühl, and I've now put together a battalion of Jägers, most of the corps had a few jägers hanging around, and III corps was no different. The Erzerzog Karl Legion - Waltrich Jäger was attached to III corps.

During the Tehus-Hausen battle the Jägers was sent to the austrian left side together with a battalion of Grenzers and was the first to encounter 10éme Légère, together they held them in check but then 3éme Ligne was sent into their flank and pushed them back starting what was to be collapse of the Austrian battleline.

I've based these so that they can have a more skirmish look to them, with two normal 40x40 bases and then two 20x40, just to be able to spread them out a bit more, and I've as can clearly be seen, roughly half of the miniatures that I would use for a line battalion. Again to make them a bit more skirmish.

They are based on the normal Victrix landwehr infantry, with only a few tweaks, I've removed the bayonet on all of them, I can't really see this unit going into close combat that much, also I added some arms from different sources such as my French to give some more poses in the unit.
The trumpet is from Perrys light cavalry box for their medieval range.


  1. A very nice mix of poses you've achieved with simple additions of other arms. Didn't Victrix include a trumpeter in their plastic box? For me, the horn blower is typical Jäger and needs to be in there.

    1. Nope, then this box probobly was never intended to be Jägers, even though the uniform is the same. But it worked out anyway =)

  2. What a lovely unit! Paintjob and basement, all is perfect...excellent!