Black Powder: Austrian - Line Infantry IR 38

The Austrians just keeps on marching in, now in the form of Infantry Regiment 38 Württenburg.
This regiment formed the reserves in the battle of Teugn-Hausen, only being sent forward in the last phase of the fight to support IR 20 as they was pushed out of the woods just north of Hausen. Their presence did not have enough impact to get the 10éme Légère back into the woods again as they took up strong positions just at the treeline.

When they first marched out for the campaign IR 38 only had 12 companies with them, and therefore they only deployed in two battalions, but as they had an mostly supporting role in the Eggmühl battles, they did not suffer as much as other regiments.

The battalion itself is this time made up of Perry Miniatures Austrians, given them a slightly different appearance, the miniatures are a bit different, not what I would call better or worse, but there are some details that are apparent on the Victrix miniatures that you can't really see on the Perry once and vice versa. For my style of painting I like the Victrix a bit more, just for the exaggerated details in the faces and on the coats.

For now I'm going to do a few other things than line infantry for a little while, I want to try to do some Jägers as well as doing a battalion or two of my newly arrived Grenadiers, even though they did not appear in the Tehus-Hausen battle, they could have, if just Archduke Charles would have committed them and not stayed in Grub and been indecisive.


  1. I totally agree, the Victrix plastic sprues are really nice with some details in the sculpting slightly exaggerated, which makes it so much easier to pick them up with the brush when painting. Looking forward to the Jägers!

    1. Especially the faces I think, the perrys are very shallow in the details here in this set.

      The jägers are coming, they are up for some final work and basing now =)

  2. They look absolutely stunning!