40k 6th - Take III

Last week I played another game of 40k, my third game so far, this time it was a 1750 point battle against some Space Marines, led by Peder Cantor and his horde of Sternguard marines.
I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, I hardly took any at all to be frank.

I had an army with lots of tanks, trying this out if it would work at all, so my army looked like this
1 Command squad
1 Platoon with 2 squads (Flamer)
1 Platoon with 2 Squads (Grenade Launcher)
3 Heavy weapon squads (AC, 2xML)
2 Veteran squads in Chimera (3xplasma)
1 Hell hound
2 Leman Russ tanks
1 Demolisher
1 Basilisk

And I met the following marines;
Pedor Cantor
Techmarine with thunderfire cannon
2 Sternguard squads in Rhinos
2 Tactical squads in Razorbacks
2 Vindicators
2 Typhoon landspeeders
1 Stormtalon

The game was The Scouring with Hammer and Anvil deployment, and the first turn was covered in darkness. Here I was a bit unlucky, and the marines got the warlord trait that gave them move though cover and stealth in ruins, and most of the board was ruins…

The setup for my part was mostly a gigantic blob of tanks and men lined up all across the deployment, while the marines was a bit mot fiddly and hid most things in the back with the exception of the vindicators that was deployed far forward ready to counter my Russes.

Guard deployment

The first turn was to the guard, but as it was night the first turn, there was not that much effective shooting. The only notable exception was the baselisk that lobed a grenade high in the air and hit one of the razorbacks and a land speeder in the back, and managed to immobilize them both.
Other than that there was a few shots taken against the vindicators, but other than a hullpoint of damage on one of them there wasn't much action

Advancing tanks

Vindicators ready to get some revenge

Artillery strike targets

During the Marines turn the vindicators advanced and fired on my Russes, only managing to do a single point of damage on one of them and shaking it, and even Pedor with his orbital bombardment did nothing at all, the tanks really had a good day. More to the center of the table a rhino dashed forward and the sternguard in it jumped into a ruin and while one combat squad melted the Hellhound the other flamed the living daylights of a nearby infantry squad. The thunderfire cannon also obliterated most of another squad with highly accurate fire.

In the next guard turn the Russes advanced forward and with the combined fire from them and one of the veterans chimera and the missile teams, the damaged vindicator was taken down. In the center the other veterans advanced towards the ruin now filled with sternguards and together with another infantry squad, the autocannons and mostly everything else in the army one of the squads was reduced to only a single member.
The baselisk did not have its finest day, as it with a direct hit on Pedors razorback, managed to do absolutly nothing...

Burning vindicator
Advancing tanks

Far to living sternguards hiding in a ruin

In the marines next turn the remaining vindicator advanced again, but this time they didn't get any hit on the lumbering tanks in front of him, but to help out the Stormtalon zoomed in flying down the road and fire on the poor autocannon teams, that disappeared in a puff of red mist. On the other side of the board the landspeeders and both razorbacks sighted the demolisher, and managed to blow of the big gun, and bring it down to a single remaining hullpoint. The thunderfire once again shelled a poor infantry squad, but by hitting the dirt most of them survived the experience. In the center sternguards once again shot quite a lot of guardmen, among them one of the officers.

In the third turn for the guards most things stayed thight, the infanty in the center withdrew from the angry marines, taking cover in a crater that untill a few moments ago had contained autocannon teams. On the Russ side of things one of the veterans chimera drowe up, and disembarked, ready for some side shots in the remaining vindicator, wrecking it with accurate plasma fire. The russes fired on Pedros razorback, but they only got it shaken and removed a single hullpoint, the demolisher fired it's remaining lascannon and removed another. The baselisk took some help from the missile teams and removed two hullpoints from the rhino behind the now burning vindicator, and got a stunned result as well. 

Here my time ran out, I had to gather my things and quickly get to the buss for my ride home. All in all it didn't look to good for the guards, although I had one more victory point in objectives that I held the marines did have first blood, and one fast attack destroyed giving him another point, and the lookout for me to hold onto all the objectives seemed rather slim. So the victory was handed the the green Crimson Fists!

The Imperial Guard will be back...

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