Imperial Guard - part XXII - Tank factory part II

So while painting a bit on my Russ and Chimera, I get to finish my magnetization of my Mantacore, so now this is done and ready for the painting table.

I decided to magnetize both the missiles on top of the rack (to show how many had been fired) and the frame for them as well to make it more manageable in storage. I did not want to have a big and quite fragile thing sticking up from the foam just to be broken. I hope that this will keep that from happening.

Other than that I’ve left some pieces off, the pilot and the hatch he’s sitting under. I want to be able to get paint in there, so they had to stay out for the moment.

Here you have some pictures of the whole thing assembled

The pilot in his little cabin

All the parts that can be taken off

Now I’m working on the Russ and Chimera, I’m going for having them completed before Sunday when I hope that I’ll get a game or two in.

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