Imperial Guard - part XXI - Tank factory

I have a few tanks waiting to get done, so I've finally gotten around to actually get them prepared to get them painted.
So I got a little bit of building and cleaning factory going and got my last old Russ tank cleaned and another Chimera built.

I took the opportunity to magnetize as much as I could on both of the tanks, it was far easier on the chimera as that was built form the start, the Russ was as usual with my old vehicles was covered in layer upon layer of paint, so the cleaning process did take over two months and still I could not get all the paint off it. But I did get the sponsorns of, and got them magnetized, and I got the old bulldozer blade off as well, so that I could add magnets to take one of the new ones.
In the end the cleaning and building was a pain, but it got done and now the tank has taken the first spray layers and the first fields of green added.

The chimera was a more straight forward affair as it was new in box. This was also the first new tank I put together, and I must say that the addition of small groves to place the tank tracks in make the whole track businesses a breeze to do.
Other than that the assembly was straight forward, there wasn't any problems with fitting the things together, the parts that was any point to magnetize was done so without any problems. The only thing was that the base for the turret guns was the same for the flamer and multilaser, so without doing a whole lot of extra work I could note make them both fit, so instead I went for only the multilaser and left the flamer to be done so it could be fitted to the Russ instead. Not really the weapon of choice, but now I can use it if I want.

Here are some pictures of the two of them all ready and spray painted and with the first of the green fields added.

And some pictures of the Russ with its options

The chimera and it's options

I also have a Manticore on they way, I still have some magnets to fit, but that will be done quite soon I hope

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