Table building - part VIII - A new beginning

So, summer has come, and with it my vacation has come and now gone. There hasn’t been much hobby time during the last weeks as we have been involved in traveling to relatives, going to concerts and on top of that trying to paint the last few things on our house.

But in-between I’ve had a few moments to start building a new gaming table. I got into it after my last game at home (you can read about it here) and my current table is not really suited for games such as 40k. So a about 4’x6’ table is what I’ve stared.

I have made the table in 3 parts so far, each being about 2’x4’, they are really 122x56cm, based on the pre-cut MDF board I found in a semi local lumberyard. On these I glued down some 1” foam to use as the foundation of this whole thing.

I decided to make this as simple as possible, and not worrying about modularity to much or that I “had” to make it fit into any future more modular boards. This is something to get going, and having a table of good size for the occasional game that might arise around the house.

I have however not been that good at taking pictures of my work so far, mostly since it has been made in 5-10 min chunks stretched over three weeks now, but I took a few last night as I finished the painting on the first board.

Here is it after the first three layers of paint

Here it is after I got the last few layers of paint on it

The green felt mat I have is something they call fake grass in one of the stores around here (Rusta for you that has one close by) it comes in a roll that’s 120x200cm large, and if you look at the mesurments above that’s a bit less than what I would need to cover the whole board in one piece so I have had to do something to get it together. On this first table I made this marsh/river kind of thing, my thoughts are to stick some random plant-like things in there and cover it up with water effects. We’ll have to see how that turns out…

One of the other tables I made a hill on, nothing fancy at all, just something to break up the battlefield with.

This last one I haven’t done a lot to, but the thought is that I’m going to do a small lake/pond on it, and then a small stream leading to and perhaps even from it, I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to do it, I might end up doing nothing at all and just leaving it flat and green. 

To show some scale of the grass and the board I got hold of an old Ork scorcha models that I had in my garage, it would have to do =)

I still need to do the edges of the board, so far I have't decided if I should just take some tape and just paint it, or if I should get some thin wood and make a frame all around it. I have to think about that for I while, and I still have lots of work to do before I have to really do it.

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  1. The table looks great so far, keep it up!