Trying some more 40k 6th ed

This week my fiancées cousin stopped by, and while doing other stuff he wanted to try some game, and since the one I'm trying to learn is 40k, thats what we tried.

This was also the first chance I got to try out my new board that I've spent to much time with, and still not finished... As I have yet to complete all the little inserts for it, we had to make due, and fill up the table anyways. As the table is not that big, only about 3'x4' we used small armies at just a 1000 points each. One of them was my Imperial Guard and to face them I found some old Space Marines I painted during 3rd edition, so now I got them out, dusted them of and got counting at what I had.

We rolled of to see who would play what army, and I ended up with my guards again, and he got to play the marines. Since the table was so small I limited quite a lot how much infantry we both had, the marines I had to take what was available, but I got the guards a bit more armour than I should have under normal circumstances.

Since he hadn't played this ever, we started of with an extensive walk though of the rules, going though each phase and what you can and can't do. This took quite a while, and he did look more than a little bit confused at many points, but fortunately we had beer to calm the nerves with when it got to complicated.

When the game finaly got underway the board looked like this

Here out forces have deployed

Marines deployed and ready to cause some mischief

I had to use a chimera as a razorback, since I couldn't find the real one when we was to start. I know I have it someplace in all my boxes of miniatures...

The Imperial Guard forces, ready to kick some genetic enhanced monster butt

During the first turn the lead rhino got in the way of some serious guard firepower

In reality it was only a REALLY lucky shot with some auto cannons, but don't tell the marines that...

The disposition after the first IG turn

More marines

During the marines turn the most failed charge in gaming history was performed

The assault marines jumped forward, about 2 inches from the hell hound. The fail-marines started here bu missing with the plasma pistol, not content with that they charged the tank, priming grenades as they did so. At this time I was convinced my tank would make a nice little mushroom cloud, but no, all the marines missed their grenade attacks, and therefor leaving the tank unharmed.
But the fail was not complete, no, in the following turn I tank shocked my way out, wanting to place at least some distance between the angry marines and the tank, and make it possible for the infantry following up close behind to thin out their number. Well, they promptly failed the morale check and fled, only to bee gunned down to a man by the two infantry squads behind. I have never seen so many ones rolled for saves, ever.

This is the result;

After this things went downhill, fast. The marines could not make an armour save agains anything, and they started to die in droves while my guards advances slowly and tanking First rank, second rank fire orders, gunning the blue monsters down with a speed never seen on a gaming table.

Guncam from the Leman Russ, this tank had a bad day and did not hit with a single shot all game

A charge roll by the marines, just to set the tone for what they did during the whole game

The rest of the assault squad from the rhino, they spent 3 turns moving and running though the terrain, for a total move of 8"...

More marines trying to get forward to the guards

After about 4 turns of humiliating rolls we called it, and instead got the grill going and did our best to forget how the dice screwed him over.

But at least we had some great weather, and it was a beautifully day to sit out on the porch and play some miniature wargame.

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