Imperial Romans: Auxilia

So I've finished painting up my first unit of the auxilia that I reviewed last week.
I've based them on 40x40mm bases, just as my napolionics, but as we have limited space on our club, and we'd like to be able to play on a standard 4'x6' table each unit is only 3 bases wide.

When it comes to painting I took my inspiration from Asterix and I clad them in green with blue shields, I really like that look and it's a nice little break from the mostly red legion troops you see around.

But here is some more pictures

Next up is some legionaries, I have some in basing, and then I have some command minis in the works as well


  1. Very nice looking figures, really like the Asterix inspired look.

  2. Who that was a really nice idea! With the new DBA 3.0 out maybe a similar force in 15mm will emerge... Nicely done!