Review: Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans Auxiliaries

I recently got sucked into wanting to get me a Hail Caesar army, I have had thoughts about getting myself a Greek army, but to do that I wanted some Victrix miniature, and for some reason they are more or less impossible to get hold off in the stores I frequent.

So I found myself surfing around and the Black Friday sales was up on Warlord Games and well.. I got me some Romans =)

While I wait for the order with plastic sprue goodness to arrive to me I visited a local store and found a box of Auxiliaries to take home.

In the box you find 5 sprues of 4 soldiers each, for some reason each sprue was in its own little plastic bag, don't know why, but there you have it. To this you get a little zip-lock bag containing 4 metal command models. You get the choice of 2 different standards for the standard bearer, either you get the nice one with discs and leaves you see here, or you get a standard with the emperors face.

For myself I used them both to create 2 units and get some sort of command in the other one.

The metals are quite good, but there is a lot of flash, you get two shields for your command and each of them had at least 8 points with flash, on each side... It wasn't hard to remove, but boy was there a lot.

To this you also get a sheet with transfers to add to your shields, they are transparent, so you still need to paint the shield underneath, something I understand you don't have to do with their legioneer transfers.

The plastic figures then, well they are nice, hardly any moldlines at all, they fit together without any problems and there are not many pieces to handle

Front of sprue

Back of sprue

In this simplicity I myself kind of find a problem, you can't really do anything to the miniatures, the only option you have is heads, and from more than a few inches away they kind of look al the same so without some extensive cutting and converting you will have five of each model and they will look the same. And you don't get any extra pieces so any conversions will have to come from some place else.

They are also a bit "wild" in that they are a bit of a challenge to get to rank up, I'm going to place mine on 4 by 4 on 40mm by 40mm bases, I would not like to be the person that bases them individualy and then try to rank them all up to play.

In they end though, they are nice miniatures, they are well made, they are easy to paint and looks good when you get them ranked up in a unit. I have the first 12 of them in the works and will soon show them so that you can form your own opinion of how they look when arranged in a unit.

I'll give this box 6 out of 10 pilums. 

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