Imperial Romans: Commanders

I had some commanders laying around, I think I got them at the same time as I bought my copy of Hail Caesar quite some time ago. Anyway, I have them so I paint them =)

The miniatures are Warlords Julius Caesar model and Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
They are quite nice minis, not too much flash on them, but Marcus and his horse are very small, there isn't any problem when compared with the other Roman miniatures but he looks a bit funny next to some of my Napoleonic British miniatures I have on my painting table at the same time.

Other than that there isn't much to say, I painted them kind of the same way I paint most of my minis now, base colour, wash and highlight with the base colour again. But since this is commanders after all, they got another highlight or two depending on what colour I used. So they look a bit nicer than my regular troops.

I'll soon have my first units of legionaries done and ready for display, just need to get the bases done.


  1. Lovely paint job on these, especially the Marcus Aurelius model is impressive as is the basing!

  2. Great job on both figs!