Imperial Romans: Legionaries I

And my first unit of legionaries is completed. In true Asterix style they have green clothes and blue shields with no decoration. Well I have chosen not to have any decorations, depending on what album you read or movie you see there is some instances where they have some decoration, but I'm not going to freehand any such nonsense on what will probably turn out to be at least a hundred+ shields.

The command in this unit is the centurion you get with the Hail Caesar rules if you buy them direct form Warlord, and I have to say it was a joy to paint him. His base is made up of rocks, broken shields and equipment, it's really cool so I recommend that you get this miniature if you don't already own the rules, even if you end up with some other army it's just plain fun to paint.

Other than that here is what you came for, the pictures!

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  1. Impressive artwork! Thanks for sharing :D