Imperial Romans: Legionaries II

So right before all the holidays I got another unit of my legionaries done. They are done with all the new spiffy sprues I got form Warlord so now they have a proper command unit!

Other than that I wanted to create a unit that was all using their pila, so that I did, all the swords will go towards another unit.

Other than that, they are painted with mostly Vallejo colours, one layer, Army Painters dark wash and some highlights with the base colour on some parts and then they are done. Looks good enough on the table, but it's not the minis I would take to a painting competition ;)

As this is now completed I thought it was time for a small "army" picture, with what has been done so far. It's not much, but it's a start,

With this I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I'll do my best to have something new when the new year isn't that old.


  1. Nice looking EIR. Happy 2015!

  2. Stunning Romans, excellent job!

  3. these romans are looking great.

  4. Great work on these Romans and a Happy New Year!