40k Battle report - Tau vs Orks

Here's a report of the second game played last weekend, this war actually the first game to be played that day, so here I stood around with my camera and took quite a few pictures. At the time however I didn't think I was to write any report, so the flow of the game is not really shown, but there is lots of pretty miniatures to look at.

In this game they played the same mission I was to play later in the day, deploy in quarters, and each quarter is a objective.
The Tau forces started and stood mostly still, but directly began to hose the Orks with fire.

Ork deployment

More Orks during deployment

Tau battlesuits, I think this was the commander and body guard

Kroot deployed in a building waiting for some orks to counter charge

Tau deployment

After the first turn a single ork survived the torrent of fire, and held! He quickly ran away to hide in the burnt out rhino for the rest of the game

Minor first turn movement for the tau

In his turn the orks advanced with all speed towards the tau lines, just slowing down a bit to fire the battlewagons huge gun (It did nothing all game)

During tau turn 2 this battlewagon got destroyed, and the unit within got badly shot up, so bad that they broke, carrying with them the warboss! This was a huge blow the valiant orks.

While the warboss flees the tau cheer

This group of suits did lots of damage, and then just jumped back again, waiting for next turn while staying out of sight.

Ork turn 2 saw the battlewagon speed forward, the orks jumping out and then run, and with just a few millimetres on their side, get the suits behind the building, easily chopping them to bits.

On the opposite side of the table, a trukk with a few boyz got hold of some stealth suits, and went to town on them. Amazingly though one of them survived and held, much to the annoyance of the tau player as the pesky orks would be safe from fire in his turn.

The kanz advances, with no losses so far, they are a force to be feared for the tau, and they are getting far to close to comfort of their lines

The commander is doing what he can to stop the kanz, but it's going to slow and they are receiving far to much fire in return for their liking.

The orks got to pay the price for advancing and slapping the suits around, after the tau shooting in turn 3, not a single ork was left in the mob.

The trukk boyz finished of the stealther and consolidated towards some ruins in their table quarter.

In the orks turn a few more shots landed on the heads of the commander, and more and more of the suits get damaged and destroyed.

Turn 3 movement for the orks

The kanz runs after the suits in Ork turn 4, during the previous tau turn one of the kanz get shot down by the commander

And the tau shot the second battlewagon quite hard, and not a single trace of them can be found

The hammerhead here got mostly everything he shot at during the whole game.

Some cool kroot, that did next to nothing the entire game, except getting a point for the tau.

One of the last survivors of the onslaught, a single kan is running into the tau quarter to stop them getting to many points

In a desperate attempt to stop the tau from winning (and getting the game to a draw) the truk orks charge the tanks, but as they all miss it was free to contest the table quarter, giving the tau a 1-0 victory

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