40k First battle - Imperial Guard vs Marines

I've been a naughty boy and not done any modelling what so ever in a week now, so instead I thought that I would write something about last weekend.

I then played my first game of 40k in somewhere around 10 years, then it was 3ed and I believe Grey Knights was the new hotness, since then I've games a lot of different things, and not looked back.

The games then, well first a game of Tau vs Orks was played, and I stood to the side-lines and took some pictures, so for this battle I actually have some photos, my game on the other and was against Space Marines and not a single photo was taken, I was far to occupied with trying to understand more or less strange rules to take some. The Tau vs Ork battle will be covered in a later post.

But in short, my game; We deployed in opposing quarters and the objectives was to have scoring units in all four quarters (strange thing by the way, just because someone placed you in a veteran marine unit you cant seize the ground your standing on? Oh well, strange rules and all that). I got to start and I tried to shoot the crap out of his Rhino transports, it went really well with the first one, one unit of missile launchers and the tank explodes, taking a few marines with it. After this, my weapons lost the will to destroy anything else and even though I fired and hit quite a lot and penetrated the armour almost every single time not a single vehicle was destroyed.
The game continued with the Marines advancing thought the terrain in the centre, taking out my snipers there while I stood mostly still and fired for all that I had. I have to say, without weapons that take away marine armour, you are not going to do much to them.
During their advance they took out one squad after another, with their much more accurate fire, and weapons that mostly ignored my armour.
In the end a few charges finished of most of my army and only my Company command held their own against the marines in CC (not loosing a single member and chopping up most of the attackers)

In the end I lost with 2-0. Not a great glory for the Imperial Guard forces, but next time we will bring tanks!

The lists that was used looked something like this;

Imperial Guard
Company Command
PW, Standard, Medic, Vox, Astropath

Primaris Psyker


Platoon Command
Standard, Medic, Vox

GL, Vox

Platoon Command
Melta, Medic, Vox, Commisar w PF

Flamer, Vox (one with a AC)

3xHeavy weapon squad
1 w AC, 1 w ML, 1 w Mortar

Space Marines
Pedro Kantor

10x Tactical
LC, Melta,  5 in Rhino


ML, Flamer, Rhino

2xLand Speeders
HB, Assault Cannon

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