40k Imperial Guard - part VI

After my tank I saw the old sentinels I have, they just stood there on my table just waiting to get some paint on them, so paint they shall have.

This time, instead of using my desert yellow straight on the minis, I first gave them a white undercoat to see it it would help.

And it did, very much so, instead of the 4+ layers I had to put on the tank I now only did one white and one yellow, and it was done, so that was a remarkable improvement and something I can recommend to everyone else thats about to try this.

Overall I have the same approach to these models as I had to my tank, prime, paint dip, but this time I'm trying to put a few small highlight before I get dipping. I'm not sure it will turn up all all, but at least I tried.

Now they are mostly ready for the dip, I may have to go over them once more to see if I've forgotten anything, but hopefully they will be done and ready for action in a few days.

This I think will be my last update before Christmas, we have a few visitors over the holidays and I think they will complain if I spend to much time at my painting desk.

So have a Merry Christmas, and may all your miniature cravings be meet =)

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