40k LeMan Russ WIP

I’ve started work on a LeMan Russ tank that I got hold on from a friend. It’s from the older line of tanks, so that a few things are different from the new ones, and the ability to vary the weapon load out is very limited.
I tried for the first time to magnetize the weapons; my main thought was to magnetize the side sponsorns. And I must say, it wasn’t as easy as I thought, mostly this could have something to do with me not having a proper drill in the right size, the one I had was very dull, so it was more an exercise in forcing it though with strength and the warmth generated by the drill than anything else, so the holes was far from perfect. But I got them in in the end.
The whole tank has been based with Flames of War, War Paint German Armour, I got this to get away from hand painting the whole thing. One thing I have to say about this though is that you need quite a lot of layers for it to cover. I think I had to place at least 4 layers on most parts to cover, and some places took 5-6. Next time I think I’ll try to get a white base coat on first so that the grey plastic doesn’t shine though quite as much.
So far I’ve only painted the first layers of metal on the main body, the front weapons will get some in the next go at the same time as some places get a second layer and then after some detailing I’m going to throw dip all over it and see how it looks after such a treatment.

All the parts for the tank, the bulldozer blade is magnitized as well

All the parts removed

Lascannon in the front

Heavy bolter front, made from a bolter form a heavy weapon team, not the greatest conversion, but it will work.

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