40k Imperial Guard - part V

Now I've got my LeMan Russ tank all ready to go, I've dipped it and then gone over parts of it again to make some small highlights, not much at all really, but i did make a difference in the overall impression.

I also added the white marking on the tower after the dip, mostly to keep the white just that, and not some brownish goo.

I do however have some thought about adding the same kind of marking that I have on my shoulder pads on the side of the turret, and perhaps also on each sponsorn. But for the moment I'll leave it be.

Painting wise, I didn't do much after the last session, I did some minor detailing on skulls and such, I also painted the weapons a bit more, but mostly I splashed dip all over it and let it dry for a day.

See for yourselves how it turned out in the end.

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